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Ján Bratinka
Belinského 9, 
85101 Bratislava, Slovakia, EU
00421-2-62241098 -2-59379278

     The band Steam was formed at the end of the year 1999 by banjo player Ján Bratinka a year after  broke up of his band BG Album. It was an answer to hole in one of line of bluegrass in Slovakia,  inspirated by the american band Skyline. It is so-called city bluegrass influenced by jazz, funk and  rock. The band is basically at the begining of perspective route and had been invited on Bluegrass  festivals to Austria, Germany, Holland (EWOB Bluegrass festival 2001), Czech republic etc. 
      The band is based on musicians that are pretty experienced in this way. The guitar player Peter Baláž,  who came to the band from one Bratislava’s band - Vegetband, where he played five strings banjo  and he also played in one blues band in Bratislava. Adrián Minarovič, the best mandolin player of this  time in Slovakia, is from Zvolen. He came from the band Grassland. Great bass player Peter    Davidek, who came from rock scene and lead vocalist Barbora Streicherová, from Pezinok, where   she was a member of country and bluegrass focused band, that is not existing now. So it is formed of musicians from the whole Slovakia.  The music, which the band plays, is blugrass in a modern meaning. It is not a copy of the Skyline, also  it has maybe the greatest influence on the Steam. The Steam is following its own way. The way full of  experimentation, searching of new sound of bluegrass and mainly breaking the barriers. In its repertoir  are not-known songs as well as own pieces. You can find there traditional songs from Bill Monroe,  Hot Rize, Seldom Scene or from the others american legends. But we have to say, that they are  sometimes different from the traditional and original pieces. The Steam wants to go by his own way  and to play the bluegrass with own feeling. The Steam had posibillity to present this on many domestic festivals as Bluegrass festival in Horná Poruba, Dobrofest Trnava, Bluegrass Session in  Pezinok and aproad world (Austria, Germany, Netherlande - EWOB 2001, EWOB 2002, Kolin, etc ).
      Members of the group are founders of bluegrass magazine "ZVONKY" and they are also organisers of regular evenings the guests of which are top groups from Slovakia, Czech Republic and other countries as well as new debuting groups, Giving workshops, guiding young musicans and groups they make their efforts to promote this music genre. 
     As a bluegrass group he was several time given a price for his music performance and  in year 2001  the Slovak Bluegrass Music Asociation (SkBMA) gave hima title of the best new bluegrass music group of the year in  Slovakia, and  in Zvonky Award 2000 gave hima title of the top bluegrass band of the year in  Slovakia.